This video, in all its obvious bias was still successful in scaring me at least.  Who wouldn’t have been put off by the discovery that some marketers follow children into even the bathroom with a camera just for the sake of seeing reactions to products?  If nothing else caught my eye in this video it was the huge question of ethics and the actual need society has for advertisements and marketing.  Does the world really benefit from targeting of ads, and would we be any better off with the removal of such in your face encouragement to spend money to “be someone”?



Needless to say it made me question my choice in major and minor.

I am not easily swayed by one-sided demonstrations because I use my own educated opinion and listen to the counter argument, but do not believe everything I am spoon fed media wise.  The video was an exception because although it had great bias, it was simply revealing facts.  These facts once brought to my knowledge actually made me cringe at the career I was setting out for.  Do I really want to be a contributor to mindless “clutter” out there in the world that people are inevitably exposed to everyday? Aside from that, isn’t there something better all these people could be doing with all this time and money than studying the pupil dilation (and therefore, positive reaction) to a product?

I did see a positive way to be a marketer or part of the advertising process and that is incorporating good values in advertisements instead of the trashy shallow ploys that some children’s’ products companies take part in.  The most obscene product I would say are directed at young girls are the Bratz dolls and I find them to be a huge presence in multi media advertising towards children.

I was not surprised at all to see them mentioned in the video because even as a woman, I am not easily offended by stereotypes some dolls enforce nor am I one to read to heavily into the messages a product could send.  Their message, however, is just too obvious and discriminating to avoid.

The company, as so many others in the video, claims by its name alone that these dolls are stuck up and spoiled rotten concerned only with material goods and scandalous and skimpy ones at that.  At least Barbie had professions and other venues for integrity rather than just her “club attire”.  These in your face targets I already knew, but the others raised in Consuming Kids has really opened my eyes to the importance of RESPONSIBLE MARKETING and understanding the consequences one simple commercial or even brand logo could create.


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