RED has never looked so good

When people used to think of the color red they may have thought about blood, anger, seduction or some other negative connotation.  Thanks to a very clever ad campaign, however, people now think hope.  The (RED) campaign is a multi-company global attempt to both increase sales for certain sponsors and a greater attempt to raise funds and awareness about the AIDS epidemic in Africa.


For every product under sponsorship by the RED companies, the AIDS preventions and HIV testing sites in Africa and globally earn money and a percentage of the sales.  The ad campaign has been an incredible success in both stirring up discussion, and, therefore, publicity about the seriousness of AIDS and the happenings of Africa.  On top of this, the sponsors have seen a rise in popularity, as this campaign is both a wise advertisement decision, but also a great public relations attempt.  The consumers may now associate such sponsors as Dell, GAP, Apple, Starbucks, American Express and Converse with humanity and charity.  The companies are no longer huge corporations, but also do-gooders.  This is an example of the disassociation principle in its prime.


The sponsors are gaining sales for items that consumers may have once overlooked too.  Personally, I do not know how well bright red shirts with plain white writing would have sold for $25 each unless they had been directed toward such a charity. Instead, because GAP chose to take part in the campaign, they have gained celebrity for such plain shirts.


I have the same “Inspi (RED)” shirt as Katy Perry thanks to this campaign.  Consumers associate all the forms of media and persuasion tactics the sponsors have employed with the cause.


The RED campaign makes use of print ads in magazines, such as Cosmo Girl and Teen Vogue as they know that teenagers and young adults are the most likely to respond quickly to such a trend.  For once, however, this trend that is being targeted so hard at the youth of America is actually for the better of society.  There are also frequent commercials on such stations as MTV with celebrity speakers and endorsers such as Katy Perry and Common.  The commercials air in more frequent increments during the month of December as it is National AIDS Month, and they gain even more attention.  The campaigners were very crafty in choosing multiple media methods for reaching audiences, but also these varied persuasion techniques, which are usually put effort into a mere corporate incentive.  It is great to see such efforts being put to use for good, and actually succeeding day by day.


The merchandise that is bought actually further promotes the campaign as it has the infamous RED logo on every piece.  There are computers with the RED logo and color printed on them, sneakers of the bright red color, and even RED iPods of the logo and color displaying the RED commercials and print ads on them when purchased from Apple. This was also a clever and conscious decision by advertisers as it is a new form of media.  Promotion by simply wearing or using the good seems ingenious.  The African people, according to the RED site, have profited off of the sales with new forms of medical treatment and testing for citizens, and also cleansing their water and environment in hopes of a better health for tomorrow.

Do red

The site illustrates billboards, some print ads, and celebrity sponsors of the campaign.  The site itself is also an interactive media the campaign makes use of to educate consumers.  The merchandise in itself promotes awareness and sales, and the clean and recognizable printed logo proves to be great tactics for increased attention.  Such a campaign is the epitome of multi media methods of targeting an audience.  What better cause than of that of AIDS awareness to be the source of these great campaign tactics.



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