Social Networking: the Resume of the Future?

Social networking sites lately have been underestimated in their positive effects for everyday lives.  Some see them as wastes of time at points, a camouflage of real character or impersonal and petty.  For those of us who see such sites as Facebook and MySpace in this way, it may be time to embrace reality.  The obvious and undeniable positives to such sites are the access to new people and potential friends, as well as the ability to market one’s self or products for free.  The only pitfall, however, is the over dependency some fear my fellow “Millennial” and I may be exposed to.  When used in good taste, and for the purposes to better one’s life, as this article mentions, these social networking sites and technologies may actually be the interview of the future, whether it be for a mate or an employee.


Here is where the impressive article can be found:

As long as my generation proves to continue to use manners and precautions when communicating through such a site, the integrity and communication skills of the future should not be lacking.  In fact, many teachers and businesses are embracing the growing phenomenon, as they know it is here to stay.  Even the one and only Dr. Nichols prepared us with the installment of our very own blogs and social network Ning.  The article directly relates to this as it interestingly enough, addresses the utilization of a site and its resources, which are much similar to a basic resume.

The blog and information such professional business networking sites incorporate allow for potential employees to express themselves through an interactive profile and past projects or endeavors.  Ironically, the social networking sites that are often stereotyped to be impersonal allow for an employer to get a more personal look into a client.

The article expanded my thoughts about such technologies that my peers and even older family members seem to be addicted to as an actual progressive behavior.  For once I could imagine using such skills and applications in a potential business world to relate to clients and to reveal my true self.  The concept seems very new age and inclusive of where advertisements and journalism may be heading.  If employers are utilizing these sites and specializes them into a professional setting, the advertisements seen on certain users Facebooks’ even may reveal to be more professional and targeted at businesses rather than the generic “pop up ad” that is usually related to a free prize of some sort.

Journalism could be taken to a new high and reach once again a peek in the media world as users seem addicted to social networking site. Users must check them every day, and while doing so will come across headlines and news information in a journalistic fashion in a news feed, possibly relating stories to celebrities and their personal sites like Twitter.  The news feed may appear very similar to a Facebook one seen here and, therefore, attract attention if even by fooling the user.

Picture 8

The article nonetheless demonstrated to me the importance of keeping an open mind to even what young culture embraces.  It is always vital to stay relevant to the next generation while keeping in mind professionalism and character of a business.  Who would have ever thought that I might be attending college today just to login to Facebook tomorrow?


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