Don’t forget about me while I’m out of the loop!

The last two days to indulge are here…

Sunday night I find myself, surprisingly, too busy for my regular scheduled media and over use of technology for communication.  I began to think to myself, “I picked the wrong day to use my media”.  Alas, I stuck with counting Sunday as one of my media use days.  I was rushing a sorority, Phi Mu, and had been accepted so I was getting to know my sisters at a sleepover immediately following the “bid day” celebrations out by the Union.  The only media I was exposed to, aside from billboards on our way to the apartment, were music and my ever present cell phone.  However, I found myself talking more face to face with the ladies that night than over the phone.  I couldn’t help thinking I wasted my media day.


Monday night proved to be much more exciting as far as my media use.  The girls dropped all of us underclassman back at our dorms at 7 a.m. to catch up on sleep before morning classes.  Because I had missed my weekly television show or as I like to call it my “guilty pleasure”, Entourage on HBO, I immediately went online to watch the episode.  After this, I went to sleep to become energized before my first class at eleven.  I hadn’t noticed it before, but I just realized how sad that it is that I rushed to my Mac to watch television at 7 a.m. before going back to sleep.

Anyways, I awoke to a lovely cell phone call from my boyfriend and then headed to class listening to my lovely songs and playlist on my amazing iPod.  When I returned from class, I realized I needed to “Skype” (video chat) with some friends to inform them of my pledging a sorority, as well as my parents.  They were all greatful for the news and my sharing it with them.  Afterwards, I watched highlights online from the Video Music Awards, which I had also missed the night before.  I finally felt back in the loop, happy, content, and ready to fall asleep and face the next two days without my precious media.


*Will I prove to be the “one” in the “1/8 internet addicts“?

This daunting task awaits to be fulfilled as I come to terms with the assignment.  Day one of the inevitable truth is here, and I will soon realize just how dependent my everyday life is on media, mass communication, technology and everything in between.

After spending the past two days indulging in every single form of technology and media I could get my hands on, I found it to be finally time to prove to myself, and my parents because God only knows they had no faith in this experiment for me, that I was not necessarily an addict to mass communications and media.  It’s only too bad that I couldn’t prove this so. Tuesday was my first “media free” day.  Waking up to an actual alarm clock was different for me, as I didn’t follow up an alarm tone with checking my text messages on the typical cell phone alarm.  Stage one was complete and all I had to do was get through the day without opening my Mac.  Class was fairly simple to get through except for the fact that my computer class made emailing my professor actually mandatory! Who would have guessed that this week of all weeks, this assignment would be my impending doom.

I carry on from class to class with no iPod, no cheerful, ubeat music to get me in the mood.  This is when I realize something is totally wrong.  I am going to have to eat lunch alone as I have no way of contacting friends to meet up with me.  Taking this like an adult, I reside to my dorm for that meal, where the real fear awaits.  My Mac is sitting there calling my name,  so I do the right thing.  I open the internet…to complete my computer homework of course. Sadly, not so.  I fell victim to Facebook.  It should be a disease, really.  I call is social-networking syndrome.  I mean, honestly, how could you   expect someone to ignore a site that literally has over 30 new updated posts to be accessed when the screen is only minimized for five minutes?  Aside from this, the internet proved to be my only downfall for the day.  I held strong through the media I was not voluntarily exposed to, such as my roommate’s Hannah Montana montage playing in the background all afternoon or the videos shown in class.

I did, however, feel very outside of the loop of society.  I felt as if no one could contact me or reach me if necessary, even though I had my phone right next to me.  I couldn’t even pick up a Towerlight to pass the time, as that too proved a form of media.  Finishing homework and wandering around my floor in West Village was my only option for activity that evening because my roommate had pom tryouts.  Unfortunately, that night of all nights, my floor seemed to be missing in action.  Tuesday was an early night to say the least.

nervous_20baby<I now know how this kid feels.

Day two is looking bleak, quite honestly.

As Wednesday approaches I yet again find myself cheating already.  I happened to look at my phone and see the missed calls and messages, some of which from friends from high school whom I am in dire need of catching up with.  I moved on, and faced the day ahead.  Seeing every single student on my way to Biology with an iPod made me so envious that I almost attack one student for his.  I am feeling tired and not my usual self this morning.

The day goes on as I am forced to simply meet people in the cafeteria for lunch, although these are random people that I do not usually sit with.  One of the guys at the table is in my economics class, so at the end of the meal, I have at least made new friends and find myself excited and relieved that there was at least one good thing to come of this experience.  Later in the evening I was left alone again in my room.  I, fortunately, had a mandatory online experiment to do for honors microeconomics through Aplia.  (Yes, I was truly excited to do homework just because I knew the experiment involved online chatting with fellow students and my professor even).  I have never chatted so much on that simulation site before that night.  I, waited up until my roommate came home from her tryouts.  During this time I used my time to decorate the room, which I probably would have spent surfing the net or watching too much television.  In that case, I am thankful I cleared my night to make her see how proud I was of her!  In the end, I believe it all worked out as I was forced to stay out of contact with my parents.  This is not for the normal reasons as so many teenagers might explain, but, more so because my dog apparently, was randomly put to sleep Wednesday at 6:30.  I did not receive this information until today, and am actually thankful for “being out of the loop” because had I had known on Wednesday when my parents had just discovered the news, they would have been too upset to calm me down.  Seeing as how I believe that everything happens for a reason, I found it totally necessary for me to have taken this leave of absence from the media and internet social world those past two days.  However, because I cheated and did feel anxious, less productive and less myself, I am definitely an addict to today’s modern world and all its media.

I found myself today searching all the funny videos I hadn’t been able to watch the past two days and over-posting on facebook so much that my roommate had to pull me out of my chair to get me to eat dinner.  So, there you have it.  Jenifer Rawlings is an addict to the modern world.  Does anyone have a number for a good rehab?  On second thought, two days of rehab from media was more than enough for the rest of my lifetime.


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